As more and more Americans begin moving back into cities, many of our aging shopping malls are becoming obsolete.  Radey Associates Architects has worked closely with the owners of these malls to re appropriate these spaces for use in our new era. We have successfully installed municipal offices in former retail spaces adjacent to each other in an enclosed mall-type setting. This gives township citizens a one-stop shopping type of experience when working with county and township officials.

RAA conducted several studies to determine the feasibility of mobile office layouts in suburban settings.  These satellite type offices give employees who may live far from their central offices the option to work a number of days a week from these locations. This may save on travel and ultimately cost for larger corporations.  They also promote interdisciplinary communication simply through proximity. Mobile office settings generally create an energetic and stimulating environment which promotes networking and a sharing of ideas.  Our designs included various sized conference rooms that will be rented out to small business start-ups which may not have the resources or need to occupy an office building full time.  Radey Associates will continue to experiment with the question of how to recycle and reuse America’s aging suburban shopping malls.

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