Woodbury School District

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Additions + Renovations to 3 Schools in the District

High School Additions + Renovation

  • Multipurpose Room
  • Kitchen
  • 5 Science Rooms
  • Window Replacement
  • ADA Renovations
  • Masonry Restoration

Walnut Street Elementary School Addition + Renovation

  • Renovated Small Group Instructional Spaces
  • Library Renovation
  • New Toilet Rooms
  • Structural Repair

Evergreen Elementary School

  • Renovated Multi-Media Center
  • New Multipurpose Room
  • 2 Preschool Classrooms
  • New Health Suite
  • New Kitchen
  • ADA Renovations

West End Elementary School Addition + Renovation

  • 2 New Kindergarten Classrooms
  • 3 New Classrooms
  • New Library
  • Roof Replacement
  • Structural Repairs



Woodbury High School

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West End Library

West End Library



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